Victor Isaev (torrio) wrote,
Victor Isaev

Air France - продолжение истории

Были у меня зимой приключения с задержкой рейса Air France из JFK (тот самый A380, который недавно протаранил и круто развернул на парковке какой-то regional jet). Я и не думал, что будет какое-то продолжение, после такого-то перерыва. Однако, вот что пришло сегодня:

Claim No4881168001 AF 007 28JAN2011


Thank you for your message. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience you mention and for our late reply.

I am sorry to learn of the disruption to your journey. Having checked our records, I see that your flight was delayed our crew having reached their maximum working hours.

I fully appreciate the inconvenience caused to you on this occasion and wish to offer you our renewed apologies.

In recognition of the inconveniences you were caused and as a token of our appreciation of your understandable disappointment, I am pleased to offer you a travel voucher for 75 USD, valid to travel on Air France and KLM within the next twelve months. The number will be sent on your email address in next few days.

But I have to confirm that we are not responsible for missed connecting flight on another air carrier bought as separate ticket.

Best regards,


Ну что я могу сказать... $75 скидки - это как-то даже смешно. Дали бы $200 - я бы еще понял. А так - не знаю даже, смеяться или плакать.
Tags: лытдыбр, путешествия
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