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Еще дальше приехали.
Только что пришло уведомление из ВТБ-24 о том, что транзакция из прокатной конторы авторизована. Деньги списались со счёта в полном объеме.
Т.е. Dollar не только отказал мне в прокате минивэна, но и списал сумму со счета, авторизовав транзакцию вместо того чтобы отменить её.

Офис Доллара, конечно же, закрыт на выходные и никто не отвечает. Горячая линия ВТБ-24 отмораживается, посылая писать заявление в офис (в субботу аналогично из офиса меня отправляли звонить на горячую линию вместо того чтобы принять у меня заявление).

Что ж мне так не везет-то?

Dollar Rent A Car - Customer Review #1
I've placed a car reservation order for a minivan in Newark, NJ through Dollar Rent A Car european site - which provides pre-paid reservations for non-US residents.
Same day the amount of 1048 GBP (approx $1660) has been blocked on my credit card and I got email from Dollar saying my reservation has not been confirmed yet.
Next day another email came saying that my reservation cannot be confirmed: they have got no minivans in Newark. I asked then if they could confirm SUV for me in Newark or minivan in Washington, DC which was also fine for me.
They replied saying that all reservations are only made through website and they cannot confirm anything at all. BTW, their office phone operates on two modes only: either "your call is very important for us, but we are sooo busy and cannot answer, bye-bye" or "office hours are Monday-Friday, 8AM-8:30PM, bye-bye". That's not the end of the story.
Dollar's email also stated that the amount blocked on my credit card was released. That was a lie.
Two days later I found out that the transaction, instead of being cancelled, was authorized and money were actually taken from my bank account. $1660 stolen from my card, and no service (not talking about car rental itself, not even customer service!) was provided.
I will have to deal with my bank now to protest the transaction. I see no way to contact Dollar and to be heard.
Whole situation looks like a fraud and I cannot recommend Dollar Rent A Car to others. Beware!

Dollar Rent A Car - Customer Review #2
I've booked a minivan in Newark, NJ using website. Full amount has been immediately blocked on my credit card and little later email came stating that my reservation it not confirmed yet and that I need to wait. It was ok till the point when they refused my reservation request not having the car in Newark for the days I needed.
Same day I wrote them an email requesting the amount blocked on my card to be released or any other rental options to be proposed (I was fine with Washington, DC for pickup location and asked if they could confirm it for me). They replied saying that they cannot confirm anything and that all reservations are only made through their website. Yeah... been there, seen that. They also stated that money on my card were released same day.
That was a lie. Two days later I found out that the full amount of transaction was actually authorized and $1660 were taken from my account.
Now I'm going to contact my bank and may be start some legal action. Too bad "Dollar" is based in UK and it will be hard for me to sue them for their fraudulent activities.
Damage Resulting = No car rented. $1660 stolen from my account, no services provided.
Tags: неприятности
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