Victor Isaev (torrio) wrote,
Victor Isaev

На матмехе стали плохо учить логике...

[22:32] Dfyz: btw, there was an inscription in petite: «there is no need to hurry if you don't want to go»
[22:33] Torrio@work: I want
[22:33] Dfyz: so you may want to logically negate the first part of the sentence
[22:34] Torrio@work: see no logic in your words
[22:35] Dfyz: yeah, it can be difficult for math-mech graduate
[22:35] Dfyz: there IS need to hurry
[22:36] Torrio@work: you really have some problems with logic, bro:)
[22:37] Dfyz: I don't :)

2 курс... И это после СУНЦа УрГУ.
Tags: ЗМШ
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