Victor Isaev (torrio) wrote,
Victor Isaev


The job is for a project manager / developer whom must be able to speak both Russian and English.
Company is willing to pay for man to move to the USA and to provide sponsorship for H1 visa.

Есть желающие?

The ideal candidate will be Mid-level developer with about 5-7 years of Application (.NET) Development experience, including MS SQL Server. However, the person will not be doing a lot of new application development. Rather, they will be providing technical leadership to companies offshore team, troubleshooting support, some minor bug fixes, and operational support, along with some potential development for new functional enhancements to the Trading System. This person will need to know financial services particularly trading.
This person will need to be Bi-lingual, speaking both English and Russian fluently.
Trading Systems
.Net Technology
MS SQL Server Development

UPD1: the compensation is probably between 70,000 and 100,000 annually.
UPD2: plus this opportunity will have full medical benefits
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